Hi, my name is Msemaji but many of you remember me as James Stinson. I grew up on the Hilltop and raised my children there. I joined the Hilltop! group and experienced the joy of reading and recalling all the fond memories of the Hilltop neighborhood that were being expressed by those who were fortunate to have lived there. Many “Do You Remember” questions came up as past residents would recollect old friends and almost forgotten places from the past. I got many of them but admit a few got by me.

One morning while having breakfast at Bob Evans, with Donald Langston, my friend of 53 years, we began listing the names of veterans from the Hilltop who had served in Vietnam. We soon realized there were many and that is when I decided we should be recognized. But as the names of Hilltop veterans who had served before and after Vietnam came in, the focus was changed and The Hilltop Veterans website reflects this inclusion.

Asante sana, Ama T. Opare for your much needed and valuable knowledge in the construction of the website.

Thank you Donald for the memories we shared, some good, some not so good, but they kept us laughing from crying. Who could have known in 1963, that the “yellow footprints” at MCRD San Diego would be part of our shared life’s experience? Semper Fidelis my Brother.

To the families of the veterans who have passed and who registered their loved ones, thank you. Their names will be among those men and women who they served with and be recognized.

Veterans, thank you all for your participation in registering. This is a small acknowledgment for the sacrifice and service you gave during your youth.